Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brussels Indian Restaurants that are highly recommended

Brussels Indian Restaurants that are highly recommended

Having grown up in Brussel over the many years we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some of the world’s finest cuisines! Among the various foods from around the world, Indian dishes never seem to disappoint the pallet. After exploring and trying many Indian restaurant in Brussels is one gem that is a must visit in our lovely city

Namaste Indian Restaurant: Enjoy their cozy little Indian joint consistently attracts a wide range of Indian food lovers! You can smell the wonderful aroma of fresh ingredients as soon as you walk in the door.

From the breads to the biryanis and from the succulent sizzlers to the flavorful curries one will experience a unique taste at Namaste Indian Restaurant. If you’re a vegetarian don’t worry we have a lot of vegetarian dishes to choose from. If you’re really lucky, you’ll catch glimpses of the soaring flames in the kitchen.

offers attentive and friendly staff serving up tasty vegetarian dishes. An immaculate buffet offers something for everyone. From the potato and green pea Samosas to the Biryani, if are sure to find some of your favorite Indian dishes here! Don’t forget to try the house-made chutneys.
Delicious Indian Dishes

Samosa are dressed on same day in a spice mixture and sauce is made by heating and mixing butter, tomato puree and various spices creating an absolutely delicious dish.

Veg Biryani dish only has a few ingredients, but having it made the right way is priceless, no wonder it is one of India’s staple gourmet dishes.

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