Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Delicious Icy Drinks For The Summer


When you think of the coffee brand, you probably conjure up ideas of coffee pots and coffee filters, and an assortment of other items related to coffee. And while this is true, coffee does indeed specialize in coffee-related products, they have also launched a line of coffee ice tea. The tea is pretty good, which goes to show that even though the coffee name is not usually associated with tea, both brewable products contain caffeine and can be made into delicious icy drinks for the summer and that’s all the similarity you need to make a good product line.

Personally, I love coffee and I always have. But I don’t limit my caffeine consumption to simply coffee; I also enjoy a nice cup of tea as well. Having talked to other people about caffeinated beverage preference, it seems that most people are faithful to one or the other and usually don’t sway from their favorite. And of course there are the few freaks out there who don’t like either product, but they are few in number (and obviously insane) so we shouldn’t even include them in this discussion.

Coffee ice tea takes advantage of the ability to market to everyone, whether they prefer coffee or tea. Coffee ice tea makers simply take the concept of coffee brewing and apply it to tea. Though it would be less confusing if they’d called their line of tea products Tea, they are probably relying on the reputation they’ve built over the years as masters of the brewing process. And I think it’s a good idea for coffee to extend itself beyond coffee products. After all, a quick walk through the aisles of the grocery store will show both coffee and tea sitting on the shelves close together. While the beverages are vastly different in terms of composition, they’re very similar in terms of use.

There are those who may argue that you don’t need a special appliance to brew tea, but with the prevalence of new appliances for every culinary process you can imagine, from pasta cookers and microwavable egg pans, to waffle makers and tortilla heaters, it’s not so impossible to imagine that there is a market for the coffee ice tea maker. Much in the same way that you could brew coffee by the cup using individual steeping bags, you can prepare tea in large batches instead of patiently brewing a fresh cup each time you want some tea. I know that I’m looking at adding a coffee ice tea maker to my kitchen appliance arsenal sometime in the near future.

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