Monday, April 18, 2016

Stainless Steel Bolts Website Review

Jolly Metal Products website is one of the best looking and featured website online. This is the website where you will find various types of fasteners to fasten your machine parts to make them work good. The website has all products shown on the very first page under the sub menu of range of products. One can easily choose which product he/she wants to buy from the list and get all related information about that product. Telling about the firm on the homepage is good idea as people would like to know you first before purchasing anything from you. So full marks for that. Color combination is awesome and looks great on any device in all light conditions. Grey and Dark Blue combined well to give great visual effects to the website. Loading time is very fast than other websites on the internet of this niche website. I love the way they have shown their all motives on first page including Mission, Research, Quality and Customer Satisfaction. I would rate this website 4 out of 5. Although it has everything but the charisma is missing to attract and keep users browsing the website. Only interested users will browse this.

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  1. Me too liked this website a lot. I was looking for the ideas for new website and this gave me that extra leverage to create a site like this. Not copy totally but with same features in different places.

  2. The website is certainly very good looking but there are no such features that can be copied. It is a simple website with good looks. I haven’t seen any good feature in it.