Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Increase Adsense Earnings With Our Adsense Tricks

Increase Adsense Earnings With Our Adsense Tricks

You can effectively increase CTR by decreasing the amount of advertisements you display on a page or by keeping the same amount of advertisements but increasing clicks. Most people would prefer to increase the clicks, thinking that’ll mean more earnings from AdSense for them, but this is always the case. We suggest attempting one of these methods at a time and finding which works best for you.


We’ll start by decreasing your advertisements per page. The less advertisements you show the less impressions you’ll record and if you can keep your clicks the same, you’ve found which advertisements are just taking up space, as compared to the ones that are performing for you. Simply remove an advertisement block here and there until you’ve got a few less on every page.

Once you’ve done that, you can attempt to increase your clicks. This can be done by implementing better AdSense targeting to the sections. Having targeted advertisements for your sites sections will increase the clicks you receive. No one visiting a page about cars, will want to click advertisements about the weather.

You can also try to blend your advertisement blocks in with your page better. Be sure you don’t violate the AdSense TOS when doing this. Blending your ads will make them seem more official and uniform with your site. People are more likely to visit these sponsors over ones if you’ve got a white background and a glowing green advertisement block.

Another trick to increase the CTR is to display related images next to or on top of the ad units. Some publishers have reported an increase of close to 400% with this method. We’re getting ready to test it on a few of our blogs and we’ll let you know how it goes.

Hopefully with these tips you can increase your earnings and finally start making money with AdSense!

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