Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Essential Backlink Analysis Tool

Among the analytical tools available today, Ahrefs backlink is one of the powerful backlink analysis tool and efficient. Ahrefs be regarded as the standard 1 website for backlink analysis. Backlink analysis tool has only really flourished since the end of 2010, even before that, the popularity of backlinkwatch, Opensiteexplorer, majesticseo and lots of other backlink analysis tool that growth seems slow Ahrefs again.

As many backlink analysis tool qualities, Ahref includes 2 versions:  free and paid.With the free version you can register here, and you only request 10 times / day. The amount of backlinks you see is limited. Even when accessing the home page, you immediately see the frame you want to enter the domain backlink checker.

These parameters should be noted.

Total Backlinks: Total number of backlinks pointing to your website

Referring IPs: IP Total cursor on your website

Referring Domains: domain

Total return (with statistics about the LTD index as com, net, org, gov, edu) Backlink column types are all backlink pointing to your site categories / your page, including text, dofollow, nofollow, sitewide, not-sidewide, redirect, image. Look on the right you can see a lot of functions tab, each tab for specific information and helps us a lot more convenient for backlink analysis. Want to increase or decrease the amount of backlink analysis daily then click New Tab / Lost, want to analyze% Anchor anchor click the tab. Depending on what needs to analyze, but 2 tabs on the tab for his or backlink analysis. A rare 4.5 out 5 rating on my point of view.

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